Saturday, 5 December 2009

For my friend, the end is the beginning of something new

This is a link to some ikebana pictures of arrangements by different schools at the Fair of Tokyo Founding Chapter on the 1st of December 2009.
One very stunning arrangement was that of Wafu School. Now I try to look at various schools more carefully especially after seeing their demonstration.
I also like the very simple arrangement by Yamamura Goryu using pine, two young branches of plum and "senryo" Sarcandra glabra, the design on the pale celadon vase was bamboo.
Unfortunately I got called away and did not take more pictures.

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  1. This is very nice of you! Yes, an end is always a new beginning. I liked that Wafu one very much. I started my study with Wafu. Aratame was branched out from Wafu as well.