Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy Birthday Kozan School, Happy Birthday Barbie

Tomorrow is my friend Barbie's birthday. She liked the pictures of Kozan School when she was looking at the pictures in the Ikebana International Magazine.
I asked Takeuchi sensei a Kozan School teacher and member of I.I. Kamakura chapter, she told me the Kozan school books in English can still be found. She also invited me to several exhibition, one in Yokohama Sankei-en garden and this year to the 100th anniversary in Ginza, Tokyo.
Kozan school headmaster Okada Kozan started his own school that emphasizes naturally arranged flowers.
Pictures of the exhibition will say more than I can.
The present Headmistress is a young mother so she did not mind posing with my five-month old grand daughter who was visiting her first ikebana exhibition.
Before the exhibition we had lunch so Chiyoko could see her auntie and Ginza with the Apple store a perfect place for men to hang out.
What I particularly liked was the layout and the way the arrangements were grouped with similar flowers or branches. The rope around different coloured stones defining areas was extremely effective, for example white stones just perfect with the big cherry blossom arrangement, the background white fine strings.
Happy birthday Barbie have a perfect day, and to your 100th birthday.

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  1. Thank you to share! So spring looking. I see what you mean about grouping. Your grandson has such naive look! He is so pure!